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Warsaw School of Applied Linguistics (Lingwistyczna Szkoła Wyższa w Warszawie) is the only private college of linguistics in Mazowia and one of a few in Poland. It educates translators, foreign language teachers and other specialists in applied linguistics to become highly esteemed in the job market. Specializing in translation studies and foreign language teaching, the school focuses its teaching and academic research on preparing valued employees able to use their knowledge of foreign languages (English, Russian and German) in their professional career. The education offered by LSW takes into account the changing needs of the job market and the latest research and achievements in applied linguistics.

By May 2014, the total number of graduates reached 850.

We offer hands-on part/full-time undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses. Undergraduate studies include courses in translation studies and practice, foreign language teaching, as well as combined streams in teaching and translation. The current graduates specializing in foreign language teaching will obtain eligibility to teach in preschools and primary schools.

Our postgraduate courses are also receiving wide acclaim. We currently offer the following tri-semester teaching and two-semester translation programs: Postgraduate Course for Sworn Translators, Postgraduate Course in Technical Translation, Postgraduate Course in Literary Translation.

Our teaching staff comprise leading research-active experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our courses. Amongst those are both established academics and young aspiring teachers and translators eager to share valuable experience with their students.

We spare no effort in preparing students for the constantly changing challenges of the job market. Arranged in small groups, our classes, workshops and seminars assure maximum comfort of study and highest teaching quality.

The present, well regarded position of LSW in academic circles has been achieved through the commitment of its academic and support staff, complemented by the implementation of the most up to date teaching methods and strategies.

As regards research excellence, LSW hosts yearly conference series “A Dialogue of Languages and Cultures” welcoming wide range of language-related studies. Furthermore, we issue a yearly academic journal “Language and Literary Studies of Warsaw” – a venue for academic papers and reviews by home and external researchers as well as outstanding LSW students.

We take pains to furnish our students with practical and social skills calculated to achieve professional success. This is obtained through our comprehensive specialized teaching curriculum prioritizing such professional assets as the ability to extend one’s qualifications, self-management skills, creativity and innovation in problem-solving tasks, as well as the importance of furthering one’s skills and qualifications.

Our graduates receive a solid educational and professional package that helps them rise up to the ever-increasing standards on the job market.

If obtaining a most comprehensive education in linguistics is your chief goal, you could wish for no better venue to further your academic and professional interests.

Rector of Warsaw School of Applied Linguistics

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