Stage: 1 ( Before Arrival in Poland )

  1. Meet the minimum admission requirements.
  2. Meet program-specific requirements.
  3. Contact our Agency to file the application.

Stage : 2 Assessment and Payment in order to proceed.

  1. Receive the decision on whether the application has been accepted.
  2. Settle tuition Fee payment upon successful verification of the application.
  3. Receive a certificate of Acceptance.
  4. Make an appointment at the Polish Embassy in New Delhi OR  Polish Consulate in Mumbai.
  5. Obtain a Polish Visa.

Stage : 3 ( After Arrival in Poland )

  1. Present hard copies of the documents to the university representative upon arrival in Warsaw.
  2. Submit the remaining required documents.
  3. Obtain an Admission Decision letter.
  4. Sign Educational Agreement to compete enrolment.
  5. Collect Student ID Card.
  6. Begin Classes.

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